Article Posted on 2015-07-27

Movie Producer Leila Djansi has filed a defamation case against Ghanaian actress Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu.

The new stance was triggered after Akorfa revealed that she financed the production of a movie titled I sing of a Well, but did not make any profit.

Leila Djansi and her attorneys in defence of the claims made available to the media, receipts proving her participation in the financing of the film.

The film producer says, she finds it treacherous that Akorfa will claim she did not “make a dime” from “I Sing of a Well”.

Leila Djansi claims whiles she was toiling to get the film completed in the US, Akorfa was busy planning a private screening to raise funds without her knowledge. Adding that,  “Akorfa also sold tickets of the premiere at her restaurant and at the premier grounds through her assistant” says Leila.

Leila further disclosed that neither the premiere nor the fund raising monies were ever accounted to her even though she made available to Akorfa records of all monies earned from ticket sales.

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